Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Year's Eve 2009

I never remember what we did the year before on New Year's Eve, which must be an indicator of some pretty exciting past celebrations...ha, ha!  Usually it's either impossible to find a babysitter for the night or I just feel too guilty asking a teenage girl to ring in the New Year by herself while my kids are sleeping.  So we always end up hanging out at home, or taking the kids with us somewhere to celebrate.  Thankfully, this year my sister offered to have us all over.  We started the night by going to church then heading to Em's and stuffing ourselves full of beef burgers, black bean dip, pinwheels, and brownie-strawberry dessert. 

Around 8 we announced to the children that it was bedtime.  Surprisingly they didn't put up too much of a fight (except our son, Kelly had to lay with Bo until he fell asleep) and the adults had the house to themselves by 8:30.  We need to do this more often!

The men insisted on watching some guy try to get a world record by jumping his car over some water...sooo we ladies insisted on making a short trip to the liquor store.  Emmy proclaimed that she's been pregnant the past several New Years, so my aunt thought we needed to do something fun, like go up to the local bar and karaoke.  We were all for this idea, except for my mother...she has never karaoked and didn't want to make her first appearance at the mike at her local bar, where every Tom, Dick, and Harry would recognize her.  So we went ahead and purchased some champagned then headed home to steer the guys away from the television.

We played a game of Gestures, which reached it high point when my dad drew 'cartwheel' and did his first cartwheel in years right there in the living room.  We all had a few good laughs then watched the clock and brought in the New Year with smooches, champagne, and confetti.  Oh and I can't forget the other world record set that evening when Heath vacuumed up the confetti in world record timing, the floor was spotless in mere seconds!! :)

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Kylie said...

Happy New Years to the Kaisers! I would love to see that cartwheel!