Thursday, April 30, 2009

Soggy Weather

Nothing like writing about the weather. Ugh. How can I possibly avoid it since all of our plans have been dampened by the torrential downpours and short power outages? I shouldn’t say plans. We didn’t exactly have plans this week, but there sure are a lot of things we could be doing outside these days.

We recently bought a used camper and I’ve had the itch to scrub it down, inside and out. We are storing it in my parents shed, which is wonderful, but doesn’t allow me to open the windows and let the fresh air and sunshine in. I’ve tried to Lysol a few things down in there, but about killed myself with all the fumes! Probably not such a good idea with a baby on board!

We also need to get some yard work done. I bought a couple of packs of daisies that really need planting. The poor things are sitting out on the deck drowning from all this moisture. There are several other things that I would love to see done to our yard. Plant a couple trees, make a few new flower beds in the backyard, put in a patio…hmm, think I’m asking too much!?! Naw…I don’t think so, we’ve been in our house for almost 4 years and still don’t have ONE tree in the ground!

Anyways, the weather hasn’t bothered Bo too much. He loves heading out back to dig in the mud! I swear, I’m changing that kids clothes three times a night! Can’t wait till the weather is warmer and I can just send him out shirtless and shoeless! It was funny the other night when we lost power in the early evening hours. At first, Bo was all excited about running around the house with a flashlight and heading downstairs when our county was under a tornado warning. But after about 30 minutes he was saying, “I wanna watch TV mommy.” It was hard for him to understand that it wouldn’t work. We’d explain that nothing worked because of the storm, then he’d say he wanted to watch it in mommy and daddy’s room. Well, we had to explain how ALL the TVs didn’t work. So as soon as the electricity came back on, the first thing he said is, “We can watch Mickey Mouse now!” What does that tell you? We watch too much TV at our house!

I have the day off tomorrow and am planning on doing some good ‘ole garage-saling with a friend. I need to find some stuff to fill the camper with - without emptying our wallets completely. The forecast looks like rain, but I don’t care, I’ll wear my raincoat! I’m going to find me a used coffeepot if it kills me!!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

So, I had somewhat of an idea about how time consuming starting up my own blog would be based on how much time I spend reading other people’s blogs. But wow! I really look up to those of you that update your blog daily…sometimes even twice a day. And not with just one little paragraph either. Most the blogs I read post daily “novels” enticing me with their deep thoughts and insight on interesting topics. I would say I spend close to 30-45 minutes a day just reading, but now that I’ll be trying to keep my own, I may have to alter some of my habits.

I’m trying to take a piece of my own advice by keeping this online “journal” of my little family’s life. I preach to my middle school students weekly about the importance of saving their writing. I tell them that one day their daily journals that we keep will be treasures that they can look back on. Soon (4 weeks to be exact) I will have a little more free time on my hands, and another little person’s life to document (16 1/2 weeks before this guy’s arrival), so hopefully I can make it a habit to take the time and keep some memories here, so that one day I’ll have my own treasures to look back on.

Let's start with a picture of my "boys". Daddy recently turned 30 and Bo had no problem helping blow out all those candles!!