Monday, March 28, 2011

Sleeping Baby

Or maybe I should say, sleeping BIG boy.

Last week before Bo's dentist appointment we had to wake Cruz from his nap.  I usually never wake my kids from sleep. Ever.  Since I had to this time, I thought I'd get a picture of the big boy sleeping.  He definitely wasn't ready to wake up.  Poor guy.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

One Morning

 One morning last week I just had to get my camera out and make sure I never forget how this boy is at this age.  Our camcorder went kaput a couple of months ago so I feel super guilty for not being able to capture these times on video.  I guess photos are going to have to do for now.

 He is still in love with his bottle.  I've tried to not give it to him a couple of times, but I'm not pushing too hard.  It is SO convenient to give it to him and get up to 20 minutes of "free" time to accomplish something else that needs to be done.  And heck, bedtime and nap time are not a struggle at all if a bah bah is involved.

On another note, Bo is holding up pretty well after his dentist appointment the other day.  Poor guy had to have two teeth pulled.  I'm a little embarrassed to say that.  Definitely feel like this could have been prevented and saved our boy a lot of pain. 
We were shocked when they came out and told us they were pulling two teeth.  Prior to the procedure, they had told us they might have to pull one.  We could handle that.  But now he's missing his lower, center molar on each side of his mouth.  I'm worried he's going to become an even pickier eater than he was to begin with.
In all actuality, he really hasn't complained much at all.  Last night and tonight in the evenings it was the worst.  And all he did was tell me his mouth hurt and was burning when he tried to eat.  He just keeps saying he really doesn't like the guy at the dentist's office.  The anesthesiologist told him to give his dad a hug then had to stick him in the bottom with a shot of something that would relax him and make him forget getting the IV.  That's all Bo remembers is the pain from that shot.  Which is good, we've already talked about going back to the dentist down the road to get his teeth cleaned and he seems fine with it.  He knows he had to get his teeth fixed and from here on out we're not going to eat sugary stuff that gets stuck in our teeth easily (fruit snacks, caramels, suckers, sugary gum, etc.), and he wants to brush and floss his teeth every night now for sure. 
We've learned our lesson as parents too.  I think all of this may have been just about as hard on me as it was him.  And we're already thinking about how soon we can get Cruz in to get his teeth cleaned too!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Gaga & Papa's

Last night we stopped by my parents house to enjoy the warm weather.  The boys love going out there to play with the animals and to just play in the dirt.  Gaga and Papa have an old tire swing hanging from one of the huge trees in their backyard.  Bo was a pro hanging on while swinging....while Cruzie needed a little help.

It took a little convincing, but we were able to get Cruz on the 4-wheeler with Papa and Bo too.

Today we get to take Bo to the dentist to have some work done.  Poor guy has to be put out during the procedure.  He hasn't been able to eat anything but popcicles and apple juice this morning.  After 10:00, he can't have anything.  The appointment isn't until 1:00.  If you have kiddos you know how difficult the next 3 hours are going to be. Especially since they just happen to be over the lunch hour.  The kid asks for something to eat every 30 minutes usually.  I've had alot of anxiety and lost alot of sleep over today.  So far it hasn't been too bad.  Hopefully this afternoon will be fine too.  One thing is for sure after this whole ordeal - we're definitely cutting back the amount of sugar and candy we give him!!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Like Father, Like Son

Best buds.

(and yes, they always stand 6 inches away from the television when they're playing games!)

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Getting Outdoors

Finally!  Less laying around in our pjs all day drinking bah bahs and playing the wii....

And more getting outdoors...

I think Spiderman wins the prize for best picture of the afternoon :)

We love getting outdoors, playing soccer with our cousins! Now if only mother nature can keep up the warmer temperatures!