Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Girls Weekend

My mom, sisters, and I decided to make a new tradition of taking a trip to Kansas City one weekend each year to do some shopping.  This year my sister and I had new babies and are still nursing so we were planning on bringing the babes, but my sis got out of it by having her hubby feed the babe formula for a day.  Kelly and Bo were headed back to Kelly's home town to go hunting, so Cruz was along for the ride.  He couldn't have been a better shopper!  Thank goodness!  Sorry mom, Em, and Kels...I know you're gonna LOVE these pics, but they are good memories that I have to document. :)
Here is Kelsey, mom and Cruz at American Eagle.

We made lots of purchases, but had to get out of the mall pretty quick, you can definitely tell the holiday season is beginning.  After 7 1/2 hours of shopping we checked into our hotel, which happened to be the same one Emmy and Heath had stayed at last December.  We took our shoes off and had a few drinks to relax before we went out to eat.  Kelsey insisted we get "dolled up" before going out.
Here is Kelsey teasing Emmy's hair while mom takes note.

And the finished product.

Aww...Kels, you're so darn cute.

We were ready to head to the restaruant around 9 P.M.  We had a short detour on the way due to the lack of our directional skills and made it to Carraba's around 9:30 P.M.  We were tired and hungry by then!! (And maybe a little tipsy too...ahem.) 
Here we are drinking our wine and waiting for our food.

Cruz slept like a champ throughout the night. I was worried he would keep everyone up, but I think the poor little guy was worn out from all the shopping we did.  The next day it was pouring outside and we were suppose to go to the outdoor mall...oh yes, and did I mention we were driving a truck?!?  We had to hit up Wal-Mart before anything so we could wrap our luggage and purchases in trash bags before we went anywhere.  Oh...if I had only gotten pictures of mom and Emmy transferring all of our stuff into trash bags in the back of the truck in the pouring rain in the middle of Wally World parking lot!!!  It was a hoot, to say the least! 
After eating at IHOP and the trash bag ordeal we were tempted to hit the road home, but Emmy had spotted a shoe warehouse on our detour to the restaurant the night before so we figured we could at least do a little shoe shopping before heading home.  We could've spent all day and thousands of dollars at the shoe store, but Cruzie wasn't having it so we decided to give the outdoor mall a drive by then head home.  Oh how the kiddos and husbands at home were excited to see us when we returned!  Can't wait til next year when we can go minus any children and maybe hit up a few casinos for our evening out....hmm, we'd better not plan on doing any shopping on our second day if we're going gambling girls!!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

12 Weeks Old

Our chunky little man is 12 weeks old today.  Wow how time flies!  Thank goodness I opted out of going back to work...the chubby boy is really starting to be alot of fun these days.  He is an endless gabber and I swear the kid will have a complete conversation with you if you let him.  He's not quite rolling over yet, but he swings his legs around and can turn a complete circle while lying on his back.  And the boy loves sucking/chewing on his fingers or fist, whatever he can fit into his mouth.  I see tons of fun times ahead with this little guy!  Now if I can only convince him to sleep through the night...

Thursday, November 5, 2009

A Daily Occurrence

Yes, he has to have his undies on when he builds his forts, or as he would call them, "nests".

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloween '09

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This Halloween was a little less stressful compared to last year.  For some reason last year we didn't have a costume ready for Bo until it was time to hit the streets.  I told myself that that would never happen again.  So this year we had costumes and candy ready weeks before the big day.  Bo wanted to be a dinosaur, but the costume at the Halloween store was a tad too small.  Grandma Kaiser said she had some old costumes from a neighbor of hers, so we held off on the dino costume and settled for Scooby Doo.  I didn't think Bo even knew who Scooby was at first because he just called it a dog costume, but eventually he started saying, "Scooby Dooby Doo!"  It all worked out!

Little Cruzie was a froggy.  I found his costume at Wal-Mart for $8!  He was not feeling so well so the festivities didn't last long for him.
We met up with a few of our friends to take a picture with all the kiddos. Here they are from 2006 to 2009.  We've added a few kids since then....too bad Cruz was under the weather, he didn't get to make it to join the group for his first Halloween.

Bo wasn't too enthused this year for the group photo.  He was ready to meet up with his cousins.  He was all smiles once we got to his best bud Landon's house. Here are all the cousins, including the little ones. We had a giraffe, a marine dog, a pink cheetah, Scooby, a bride, and a froggy.

The kids were unsure about going door to door. Which is shocking because Bo is such a candy lover.  They made one of us adults go up to each door with them.  And surprise surprise, they wanted to eat each piece of candy they got right away.

After filling our buckets, we went home to hand out candy at our house.  About the time tricker treaters started to dwindle, we got a call from Papa informing us that he had shot a deer.  So we headed out to their house to check it out.  This was Bo's first deer up close and he wasn't too sure what to think about it.