Friday, October 23, 2009

Senior Pictures

I took my brothers Senior pictures last weekend.  My parents live on 5 acres with an array of old...stuff, and lots of trees.  They didn't turn out too bad - for someone with no experience ;)  Ben was actually a very good poser.  I really didn't need to tell him much.  Before I knew it, he was looking away from the camera and tilting every which way.  Things were going great like that until his best friend showed up to pose with Ben's car.  I'll be nice and not post the pics in which he was making goofy faces for his buddy.  The goofy faces started right when we were getting to the really good backgrounds...but I was lucky to get him to last that long, we took pictures for close to 2 hours!  These pics aren't edited yet.  I'm hoping to figure out how to do some neat things to them to spice them up a little.

Here comes the sillines...

These two dorks wanted to make sure the side of the car that had the dent was in the picture...special memories they said...hmmm, sounds similar to my high school experience ;)


Kylie said...

sarah, these are great! I think you did amazing and I LOVE the second to last one! Those tree rows make that such a cool shot!

Michelle said...

Fantastic pictures Sarah! Looks like you have a talent!! :)