Wednesday, July 13, 2011

4th of July 2011

This year we began celebrating the 4th a week early in our neighborhood. Bo was so excited when he heard one of the neighbors firing off some fireworks that we had to head to the fireworks stand asap and fire some off every night until the actual 4th.
Daddy let him light a few by himself this year.

It took Cruz a little while to warm up to the loud poppers.

On July 3rd we went to a party at my aunt and uncle's house.  They've put on some very big shows in the past, so we were pretty excited to see what they were going to blow up this year.

We were all surprised when my brother pulled up in his patriotic ride.  I'm pretty sure Cruz was in love.

I got some lovely posed pics.  The first is of Cruz with his Godfather, Heath.
The boys were definitely in a "zone" when I was trying to get their pics.  Bo's smile couldn't be anymore forced!

And me, trying to wrestle chunky buns while having our pic taken.

They never actually blew up this festive toilet...thank goodness!
 Cruz's last day with his bottle..
On the 4th we loaded up and headed to Kelly's hometown.  Again, the boys had fun with the poppers and playing with family.  They barely held still long enough for me to get their pictures.

Cruz was hilarious.  He would love the sparkler one second and then throw it down and run away from the next.  He did this over and over.

Bo wondering WHY I keep telling him to look at me.

And an extremely forced "Cheeeeezzzzzza" from Cruzie.

I'm thinking we're going to have to start saving up around here for the 4th kinda like we do for Christmas.  These boys get very excited about loud noises and blowing stuff up.