Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Spongebob Gingerbread House

A couple of weeks ago we took the boys to Toys R Us to try to get an idea of what they want for Christmas.  We didn't bring anything home that trip, except for this very unique gingerbread house.  Bo has become somewhat obsessed with Spongebob, so when we spotted this gingerbread pinepple kit, he had to have it.  He begged and begged to make it the night we brought it home, but we made him wait.  So when I pulled it out the other day, he was beyond excited.
Things started off pretty organized and calm. 
Then someone decided to give Cruz a taste of the goods.
And there was no going back from there.  Poor Cruzie had to miss the majority of the gingerbread house fun due to the urgent need of a NAP.

But Bo and daddy took over and made one heck of a pineapple gingerbread house.

The finished product, and one very happy little boy.  Only because he thought he was going to get to eat the entire thing when they were done.

We didn't quite let him eat the whole thing, but ugh...he had more than he should have.

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Mishell said...

I want one! <3