Wednesday, August 25, 2010

All Dressed Up

We attended a wedding this last weekend.  The boys stayed at home with grandma and grandpa.  It was a very good time!

Heath & Emmy

Emmy, Jamie, & Me

Emmy & Me
Mom & Emmy
Kelsey & Courtney
Mom & Me
Heath, Kyle, Ben, & Kelly (aka: Trouble)

Ben, Kelsey, Kyle & Mom

I think I can probably say my younger brother Kyle had the best time, or at least I can say that he drank the most alcohol.  He made sure that he danced with each of his sisters and his mom.  Him and Emmy put on the best show just as the dance was know when there is NO ONE else on the dance was beyond great!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Cruz's 1st Birthday Party

We had Cruz's party on Sunday, a few days after his actual birthday.  He got to sleep a little later than usual for his morning nap, so he was just waking up as guests were arriving.   He loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, so eventhough Bo had just had a Mickey theme for his 2nd birthday party, we decorated everything with Mickey and Minnie.  He loved it!
Here are a few of the details.
1st things 1st.  We sang Happy Birthday then let him dig into his cake.
He's was pretty unsure about the cake at 1st.
And then he went to town...
Bo and Landon really wanted a taste of the cake too.

Once he was washed up, he moved on to opening his presents....with the help of his brother and cousins of course!
It was pretty cute, the first thing he opened were these pjs from his great grandma.  He was very interested in what was on the front.  The next thing he opened was a Baby Einstein Old McDonald dvd from his aunt Kelsey.   He didn't want to stop looking at the cow and pig on the front.  He's obsessed with cows lately.
In this one he's checking out his new camo cowboy boots that my brother Ben and his girlfriend got for him.
They are so adorable!
After everyone left he had fun zooming around on his Mickey Choo Choo.
Afterwards, we attempted a family photo, obviously Bo was not liking it.
We're thinking (hoping) that this was our last birthday party in this house.  We hope to be in our new house by next year :)

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Cruz's One Year Photos

Not exactly what I initiallly had in mind, but I think he's cute enough, he makes up for the cruddy compositions his mama was capable of capturing.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Full Weekend

Literally, it was a FULL weekend.  Our schedule was full and our bellies were full.  Everywhere we went we ate.  We ate alot.  Starting on Friday, with my younger brother Ben's birthday, we ate at Kobe's Steakhouse and it was delicious.  I had chicken and shrimp and Kelly had steak and chicken.  We need to go there more often, we love the food.  Here's a pic of Cruzie getting cleaned up to go out to dinner. He was pumped, he doesn't get to bathe in the sink very often.

The boys really enjoyed watching the chef put on a show while cooking our food.
Happy Birthday Benny!
Saturday, we attended the wedding of a neighbor we had while growing up.  My mom is good friends with his mom.
The food at the wedding was amazing!  We were only able to enjoy it by taking turns chasing this little squirrel.  He just wanted to RUN.
Saturday evening we went to our good friend's 30th birthday party.  Actually, it was a celebration for 3 people turning 30.  Happy birthday Jenny, Trever, and Brady! I was STUFFED from just eating at the wedding, but that didn't stop me from filling my plate with a ton of awesome food.  There are definitely a few recipes I'll be knocking on your door for Kylie and Jenny ;)  I was so busy having such a good time (and eating) that these are the only decent photos I got of the night.

Sunday, Josie celebrated her 1st birthday!  She is SUCH a doll.
Cruz made sure he gave all the pretty girls hugs and kisses.
Can't wait to celebrate his 1st birthday day next weekend!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Summerfest 2010

The annual Summerfest was this weekend here in town.  Despite the blistering heat, we had a good time.  Here's how it all went down this year.

We started out on main street to watch the parade.  Our whole extended family usually gathers on this corner and sits together.  The kids all get balloons to launch at the start of the parade.  Bo insisted that he was NOT going to run for candy, but as soon as it started coming and the other kids were filling their bags, he quickly followed suit.  Poor Cruz had to be contained the whole time, he would have been IN the parade if we would've let him!  All he wanted to do was run!

Jaden was riding on this float.
One of my uncles and a few of our cousins were also in the parade.

These two beauties, Kelsey and Courtney, showed up just as the parade was ending.
After the parade, we headed up to the park where all the festivities (if you can even call them that) were going on.  We went straight to the little petting zoo for the boys.

One of the main attractions of the day is the sand volleyball tournament.  The kids took advantage of the firetruck wetting down the sands.
We ate bbq beef burgers for lunch.
And Bo had a good run on the bouncy thing before we headed home for naps.
During the heat of the afternoon, Bo and I headed out to my mom's pool.  Kelly and Cruzie came out after waking from their naps.
While we were laying in the pool, my brothers pulled up in a school bus.  Yes, a school bus.  A couple of their friends (for whatever reason) went in together and bought a school bus.  So for fun, they were cruising around in it.  What else would you do on a Saturday afternoon in this town!?!  So after thinking about it for awhile, we decided we wanted a ride on this fabulous thing.  After much persuasion, we convinced them to give us a ride over to my aunt's pool.  Let's just say it was the best field trip I've ever taken ;)

Not the safest trip I've ever taken, but definitely fun.

The bus ride was very short lived, my brothers kept saying what dorks we were the whole time.  They don't understand that WE DON'T GET OUT MUCH! 
Things were pretty wild over at my aunt's pool once we got there.
The evening ended with a bbq at my uncle's shop in town. 
Cruz was sad when I took his chicken bone away from him.
He was lovin all the attention from the girls.
We were invited to a block party that evening, but the kids were just too tired to go another minute.  We headed home early and hit the hay.  We were all exhausted!