Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Full Weekend

Literally, it was a FULL weekend.  Our schedule was full and our bellies were full.  Everywhere we went we ate.  We ate alot.  Starting on Friday, with my younger brother Ben's birthday, we ate at Kobe's Steakhouse and it was delicious.  I had chicken and shrimp and Kelly had steak and chicken.  We need to go there more often, we love the food.  Here's a pic of Cruzie getting cleaned up to go out to dinner. He was pumped, he doesn't get to bathe in the sink very often.

The boys really enjoyed watching the chef put on a show while cooking our food.
Happy Birthday Benny!
Saturday, we attended the wedding of a neighbor we had while growing up.  My mom is good friends with his mom.
The food at the wedding was amazing!  We were only able to enjoy it by taking turns chasing this little squirrel.  He just wanted to RUN.
Saturday evening we went to our good friend's 30th birthday party.  Actually, it was a celebration for 3 people turning 30.  Happy birthday Jenny, Trever, and Brady! I was STUFFED from just eating at the wedding, but that didn't stop me from filling my plate with a ton of awesome food.  There are definitely a few recipes I'll be knocking on your door for Kylie and Jenny ;)  I was so busy having such a good time (and eating) that these are the only decent photos I got of the night.

Sunday, Josie celebrated her 1st birthday!  She is SUCH a doll.
Cruz made sure he gave all the pretty girls hugs and kisses.
Can't wait to celebrate his 1st birthday day next weekend!

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Kylie said...

Can't believe him and Josie are one! Can't believe everybody turning 30!!! Thank goodness we have some more time before we do, huh?? (Good pic of you and Cruz, btw!)