Sunday, September 5, 2010


Since graduating from KSU in 2004, Kelly and I hadn't been to a single Wildcat football game.  So when one of our friends asked us to join him and his wife to the game this weekend, we called Kelly's sister to babysit, and were off for a good time.  And a good time we had!

Brian and Kelly have been friends since elementary school.  It blows me away at how similar they talk and the same slang that they use.  Kelly may disagree with me here, but these two are similar in so many ways.  I love it!! It's hilarious when they are together.
We tailgated with Brian's wife, Takala, and her family.  The boys attempted to throw a football around.  And we celebrated Brians 32nd birthday with a cupcake and a very large candle.
After getting some good tailgating in, we headed into the game.  It was very strange not heading to the student section.  We have now graduated to the old fogie section on the southwest side of the stadium. It was still awesome to see that the fans still have crazy team spirit!  Willie the Wildcat started the ceremonies off by leading the Harley motorcycles in on Harley Day.
Our team was able to pull off a victory!
We headed back out the parking lots at halftime and met up with one of my friends/roommates from college, Erinn.  We hadn't seen eachother for 2 years, so we chatted while the boys went back in to watch the rest of the game.
Erinn's little sister had made some purple jello shots, so we made sure the birthday boy had plenty of those.
This is Erinn and her husband Justin, and Erinn and her younger sister Hannah.
We definitely won't be waiting 5+ years before attending our next KSU game :-)

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Kylie said...

Glad you guys had such a good time - I so miss the days of tailgating every game. It always makes me feel old to go back - but young at the same time. Looks like a fun, kid-free day! And such great weather!