Thursday, September 9, 2010

Labor Day Weekend

For Labor Day Weekend this year, we went to the KSU game on Saturday, had a barbecue at my parents on Sunday, and ate delicious chocolate sheet cake that my mom made on Monday.
We were worn out from the game Sunday morning, but I found the energy and made a pasta salad and some cupcakes to take over to my parents house.  My dad grilled ribs, turtle dove, and a turkey.  Sounds like a strange combination, but it was all devoured by the end of the evening.
It was a bit windy, but the kids had a good time enjoying the cooler temperatures.
Cruz and Josie are in such a fun stage right now.  When we were taking pictures of them they sat there and said, "Cheese!!"   Since they were so excited to get their pics taken we tried to get a few of them together.
They turned out pretty cute, except for my parents dog, Gus, kept turning away from the camera.

 Cruz would NOT quit eating dirt, so eventually we pretty much just let him...ugh.
Bo found one of my brother's football helmets and just loved wearing it.
 Monday it was extremely windy so all of our outdoor plans pretty much went down the drain.  My mom called and said she had made homemade ice cream and chocolate sheet cake.  They brought it over to our house that evening and it was so good! I ate WAY too much. 

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