Sunday, September 12, 2010

Bo's1st Hunting Trip

Bo had his first hunting experience this past week.  It was a spur of the moment trip.  Kelly was out front planting a bush for me, and I was putting dinner on the table when my brother Ben called to see if Kelly wanted to head out west with them to go dove hunting.  He pretty much said he'd be over right away to pick him up.
So we scurried around, ate dinner, and I got Bo dressed while Kelly got his hunting gear ready.  In the meantime Cruzie's screaming at me because he wasn't done with his dinner yet.  Ben showed up and before I knew it Kelly was buckling Bo in the backseat before I could even take a picture.
He says, "We're in a hurry we don't have time for pictures." 
I say, "Are you kidding? This is his first time hunting, we have to get some pictures!"
So they pile out of the truck for a few quick photos - they were not very happy with me.  They think I'm crazy with my camera sometimes.  They'll thank me later in life!
I could not talk Rambo into putting his shirt on for the picture.
Bo had a great time hunting.  A few of his cousins, Jaden and Landon, ended up going too, so that made the trip really great for him.  When he got home he kept saying he had fun duck hunting...guess his daddy needs to give him some lessons on what they're actually hunting for.  Dove/duck same thing, right?

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