Friday, September 24, 2010


Today our Bo turns four.  It has been a wonderful four years full of excitement and a lot of learning on our part.

It seems like yesterday we were bringing him home and trying everything to soothe his colicky cries.  That time passed quickly (but seemed like ages at the time). Then suddenly at 11 weeks the crying shut off.  He quickly became a crawler, then a walker at the early age of 8 1/2 months.  Seems like he barely had a babyhood. 

Before we knew it, we were celebrating his first birthday.  He put on a show for everyone that day.  Him and his cousin Landon had a blast riding around on his new fire engine that Gaga and Papa had brought him for his birthday.  He had a farm animal themed party.  It was adorable.

By his second birthday he was obsessed with Mickey Mouse (our savior).  An episode of Mickey was the only way we could get him to sit by us for more than a second.  He also had somehow gotten attached to the binky between his first and second birthday (I blame this on Gaga and Landon).  We couldn't go to bed without the binky until he was three years old.  The highlight of  his second birthday party was the Mickey pinata.  Fun times.

For Christmas that year he got a ton of Thomas the Train tracks and trains.  Hence, the theme for his third birthday.  He loved playing with his choo choo set in his bedroom for long periods of time.  Mommy and daddy loved this, but didn't love so much the mess and constantly putting the tracks together.  He had fallen in love with tractors and playing in the dirt by the time he turned three.  He also moved on to the Nick Jr. network and found Spongebob pretty entertaining, despite enthusiasm from his mother.  So for his third birthday he also had a Spongebob moonwalk/bouncy.  The kids loved it.
This past year as Bo became a big brother, he's changed in so many ways.  He's become mommy's big helper, and has just recently figured out that Cruz is finally willing to wrestle him back.  There's more chaos in our house than ever!  Another thing he absolutely loves is playing computer games.  I'm conflicted over this.  Some games are a great learning experience while others aren't, and it's also tough to manage his computer time.  He wakes up super early just to play computer games. Ugh!  Eventhough he's become such a big boy, he still loves his silky and always wants daddy to read him a book and lay by him at bedtime.

Can't wait to see what the next year holds with this little squirrel ;) 
Mawmaw (as u would say), daddy, and Cruzie love you Bo Kelly!


Molly said...

Happy Birthday Bo!!

Kylie said...

Happy Birthday, Bo! Great pics of him!