Wednesday, April 27, 2011

And the Race is On...

The race started yesterday actually...
We have exactly 6 months to get our house built and get moved into it.
Very exciting times around here!  And not to mention, a bit stressful, and very busy with lots of decisions to make.
The kiddos are loving it so far.  Yesterday this dirt pile was wet and we had a blast coming home with shoes caked in mud.  And yes, Cruz is definitely going to be a hand full on a construction sight this summer!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter 2011

We got up early Sunday morning, checked out our Easter baskets, went to church, then went to Gaga & Papa's for breakfast and an egg hunt, then ran home for a short nap before heading to my grandparent's house for more food and another egg hunt.  Exhausting, but fun!!

We had to pull Cruz out of bed.  He snapped awake pretty quick, but was definitely in la la land for awhile - as you can tell in some of these pics!
The boys before heading to church.

After church Cruz was clobbering Jaden with hugs and kisses.  She wasn't too sure about it.

The best pic I could get of all the kids before the egg hunt at Gaga & Papa's.
Let the hunt begin!

Fighting over each other's candy...
Our attempts for a family photo.

And the Harp family's photo.  So sweet!!
Tried to get a good one of the brothers.  Didn't work out so well... goofballs!

After our naps...which I could have just slept the whole afternoon...we headed to great grandma's house.
 Bo found the "golden" egg that had money hidden in it.
 I think this swing was putting Cruz to sleep.  We had to wake him from his nap too that day.
Bo having fun with his cousin. 

He enjoyed Easter this year, but really didn't like the stampede at the beginning of all the big egg hunts we did. We went to one up at the city park and the start whistle kind of surprised us all, so when the herd of kids started falling all over each other Bo pretty much had a meltdown. I had to run his hiney across the park, picking up eggs for him!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

20 Months

This boy is 20 months old today.

He still surprises us everyday, saying new things and being so darn hilarious. 

 He watches his big brother constantly, and mimicks everything he does.  Sometimes this drives Bo nuts, and sometimes it scares his mother to death.

I've just recently tried to explain to him that he's going to be a big brother soon.  When I tell him there's a baby in mama's belly he replies with, "Huh?" 

I have a feeling the new baby is going to get a lot of love from his/her big brother.  Cruz always wants to be cheek to cheek with any visitors that come over.  It's adorable.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Gaga's Birthday

Last Sunday we went out to my parents house to celebrate my mom's birthday.  The wind actually died down for a bit that evening and we were able to enjoy being outside without being blown away. 
One of Gaga's kitty's just had baby kitten's.  The kids love them!

My brothers have caught a few fish lately and keep them in a big tank behind the shed.  Cruz was beyond fascinated with the fishies.

 The ugliest fish EVER!!

How cute are these two!?!

 And of course we had to get some pictures of us girls with our mama!  Such posers!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Room to Run

Last weekend, before this crazy wind hit, we had a really nice day.  It was Kelly's birthday and we had a garage sale that day.  By that evening we were pooped.  After letting the boys play in the field behind our house for awhile, we decided to go out to the land that we're getting ready to build a house on.
Here are a few pics of the boys playing behind our house.

This evening was like the calm before the storm.  The wind has been blowing 20 + mph since this nice night.  It was actually the first time we've been out to our land that we haven't been blown away by the wind.  So we were actually able to get a feel for how peaceful the country will be.

My parents and brother just happened to be out cruising around with my aunt in her Cadillac convertible so they stopped to walk with us.

 I'm thinking it's going to be a good possibility that I lose the boys on all this land once we move out here.

My aunt and parents weren't sure the lights on the Caddie worked so they had to take off before the sun set.
Now if only we could snap our fingers and have a house and landscaping and everything else done out there!
We are planning on closing on the sale of our house next week.  So hopefully we can get started building SOON after.  The buyer is letting us live in this house until November we only have a short amount of time to get things done!