Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter 2011

We got up early Sunday morning, checked out our Easter baskets, went to church, then went to Gaga & Papa's for breakfast and an egg hunt, then ran home for a short nap before heading to my grandparent's house for more food and another egg hunt.  Exhausting, but fun!!

We had to pull Cruz out of bed.  He snapped awake pretty quick, but was definitely in la la land for awhile - as you can tell in some of these pics!
The boys before heading to church.

After church Cruz was clobbering Jaden with hugs and kisses.  She wasn't too sure about it.

The best pic I could get of all the kids before the egg hunt at Gaga & Papa's.
Let the hunt begin!

Fighting over each other's candy...
Our attempts for a family photo.

And the Harp family's photo.  So sweet!!
Tried to get a good one of the brothers.  Didn't work out so well... goofballs!

After our naps...which I could have just slept the whole afternoon...we headed to great grandma's house.
 Bo found the "golden" egg that had money hidden in it.
 I think this swing was putting Cruz to sleep.  We had to wake him from his nap too that day.
Bo having fun with his cousin. 

He enjoyed Easter this year, but really didn't like the stampede at the beginning of all the big egg hunts we did. We went to one up at the city park and the start whistle kind of surprised us all, so when the herd of kids started falling all over each other Bo pretty much had a meltdown. I had to run his hiney across the park, picking up eggs for him!

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