Thursday, February 24, 2011


This boy knows how to get on his older brother's nerves.  His cousin's too.  He knows just the right buttons to push to get him irritated.  Don't get me wrong, they have their good moments too, but Cruz always has to have a hand (or foot) on whatever Bo is trying to do. 
It's pretty darn comical at times.  For example, Bo will ask me to turn a show on in the bedroom for him and before I can even answer him, Cruz comes running out of the bedroom with the tv remote trying to hide it from us.
Um, yeah, Cruz is wrecking Bo's fort as I type.  Let the wrestling match begin.  I'm not worried though, Cruz can definitely hold his own.  He gets people in a headlock and won't let go.  He does this to Kelly and I and we can barely pry his little arms off us.  It's very funny.  He's like a little scrapper.
I suppose this little sibling rivalry is probably something that will go on their whole lives.  Heck, I'm still experiencing it with my sisters.  Hmm, and actually my younger brothers can intentionally try to annoy me at times and succeed greatly! Little sh*ts!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Ice Fishing

With ALL this snow and freezing weather, we have been going stir crazy having to be indoors 24/7.  When I heard that my dad and brothers were going ice fishing at Cheney Lake last weekend, we thought we'd drive out and let the boys see the frozen lake. 
We weren't really planning on taking them out on the ice because it just happened to be 50 degrees that day, but of course as soon as we got there they both ran straight for it.  After seeing how comfortable my mom and dad were on the ice, I felt like it was ok to let the boys walk on it with someone by their side.

It was a little scary because there were puddles on top of the ice where it had started to melt.  But dad assured me that it was 9 inches thick, so we were safe.  And if these big guys were fine walking on it, I was sure we were fine too.

Bo was super excited to watch his Papa drill a hole in the ice.  For some reason, he wasn't too excited to hold the fishing pole & wait for a fish.

Cruz was up for holding the pole, even if he had no clue what he was doing.
Cruz doesn't have snow boots, so his feet were soaked.  The poor kid managed to do a face plant right in a big puddle while on the ice too.  Luckily Uncle Kyle had another hat and Gaga had a few snacks to distract him.

Towards the end of our little adventure, I finally ventured out a little ways with the boys and mom.  On my way back I decided to walk on the rocks, kinda along the edge of the rocks.  Well, what do you know, the only one to almost fall through the ice was me.  My whole foot went through.  My BearPaws got a little washing from Cheney Lake.  Good thing my other foot was steady on the rocks, or I may have just had a little ice bath in the lake that day.  We headed home after that little mishap.