Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Room to Run

Last weekend, before this crazy wind hit, we had a really nice day.  It was Kelly's birthday and we had a garage sale that day.  By that evening we were pooped.  After letting the boys play in the field behind our house for awhile, we decided to go out to the land that we're getting ready to build a house on.
Here are a few pics of the boys playing behind our house.

This evening was like the calm before the storm.  The wind has been blowing 20 + mph since this nice night.  It was actually the first time we've been out to our land that we haven't been blown away by the wind.  So we were actually able to get a feel for how peaceful the country will be.

My parents and brother just happened to be out cruising around with my aunt in her Cadillac convertible so they stopped to walk with us.

 I'm thinking it's going to be a good possibility that I lose the boys on all this land once we move out here.

My aunt and parents weren't sure the lights on the Caddie worked so they had to take off before the sun set.
Now if only we could snap our fingers and have a house and landscaping and everything else done out there!
We are planning on closing on the sale of our house next week.  So hopefully we can get started building SOON after.  The buyer is letting us live in this house until November 1st....so we only have a short amount of time to get things done!

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Kylie said...

So happy for you guys! All that space makes me super jealous. Maybe you need a neighbor...like us ;)