Friday, September 3, 2010

A Pinata

This last weekend we celebrated my nephew Landon's 4th birthday.  Him and Bo are like brothers.  They're only a month apart in age, and live right down the street from eachother, literally, two houses down.  So last week when I told Bo that Landon's birthday party was "this weekend", he asked me 3000 times a day if we were going to Landon's party that day.  Anyways, once party day arrived, Bo was so stoked, it was like he was celebrating his own birthday. 

Towards the end of the evening, they pulled out a pinata and lined the kids up, smallest ones first. Actually, birthday boy got to hit first.  But it was too cute watching them all take a go at it.
So funny, if you notice Jaden's face in the last two pics, she was a little worried it was going to come down before she got to swing at it.  Her daddy rigged it back up so she got a turn. I love the look on her face while swinging.
Sammy, enjoying his loot.
And a few shots from earlier in the evening:)

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Kylie said...

Great pictures - you really captured some great facial expressions! I love how Bo is standing over the fallen pinata. Like, take that!