Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Cruz's 1st Birthday Party

We had Cruz's party on Sunday, a few days after his actual birthday.  He got to sleep a little later than usual for his morning nap, so he was just waking up as guests were arriving.   He loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, so eventhough Bo had just had a Mickey theme for his 2nd birthday party, we decorated everything with Mickey and Minnie.  He loved it!
Here are a few of the details.
1st things 1st.  We sang Happy Birthday then let him dig into his cake.
He's was pretty unsure about the cake at 1st.
And then he went to town...
Bo and Landon really wanted a taste of the cake too.

Once he was washed up, he moved on to opening his presents....with the help of his brother and cousins of course!
It was pretty cute, the first thing he opened were these pjs from his great grandma.  He was very interested in what was on the front.  The next thing he opened was a Baby Einstein Old McDonald dvd from his aunt Kelsey.   He didn't want to stop looking at the cow and pig on the front.  He's obsessed with cows lately.
In this one he's checking out his new camo cowboy boots that my brother Ben and his girlfriend got for him.
They are so adorable!
After everyone left he had fun zooming around on his Mickey Choo Choo.
Afterwards, we attempted a family photo, obviously Bo was not liking it.
We're thinking (hoping) that this was our last birthday party in this house.  We hope to be in our new house by next year :)

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