Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Wilson Lake

We had a great time at the lake last weekend.  Late Thursday evening we dropped Cruz off with his grandma and grandpa - they live on the way - and arrived at the lake around 10 pm.  We ended up staying up until about 1 am that night...not a good idea for Bo, he was a little out of his mind when it was time to lay down.  We ended up sleeping in my parent's camper, my younger brother insisted on sleeping in a tent with a window ac unit.  The next morning we were awaken at the butt crack of dawn by the glaring sunlight coming in the camper windows.  We would not make the mistake again of not covering windows with blankets and towels so we could at least sleep til 8 am the next morning.  After a breakfast of bacon and eggs, the men headed out on the boat to fish, while we women headed to the beach to swim with the kids.  After only about an hour and a half the kids were exhausted from the heat and asking to go back up to the camper.

Bo and Jaden wanted to see all the fishing lures in Kelly's big tackle box.
Jaden particularly liked these little gummy lizard-like things.
The water is so clear!  So refreshing compared to Cheney Lake!
Some dark clouds started moving in so we headed back to camp and got things tied down for a thunderstorm.  The eight of us had to spend about thirty minutes in the camper while it downpoured.  Ben got prettty ornry...
After the rain, things had cooled down a bit and it turned out to be a very nice evening.  The neighbors came over for a visit, and it ended up that Kelly had actually gone to high school with them.  The kids hit it off right away.
I could take pictures of this girl all day :-)

We ended the night with a walk around the campgrounds.
Day two at the lake consisted of a boat ride, a stop at a beach to skip rocks and swim, and a trip into town before heading home to pick up Cruzie (who didn't want to leave his grandparent's house at all).

Everyone kept picking on Elizabeth ;)

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Kylie said...

Oh, I was really hoping to call today to hear about your camping trip but never got a chance due to kids that never give me a break!! Thank goodness for blogs!

Looks like you guys had a great weekend! Wilson looks beautiful. And seriously, you photos just keep getting better and better!!!