Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Pumpkin Picking

Wow!  Fall is here! Or wait, should I say winter?  Good lord it's COLD outside!  Hopefully it will warm up a bit for a few more weeks before we are trapped indoors for wintertime. 
This past weekend we did a little pumpkin picking with Kelly's parents.  This was not a normal pumpkin patch.  The fellow that owns this field sells his pumpkins to big companies, such as Dillons.  There were pumpkins as far as the eye could see.  If it wouldn't have been 33 degrees and drizzling, we could have spent all day outside picking a variety of assorted pumpkins.  And let me tell you, they had a variety.  It was very cool.  We loaded up our jeep and brought a ton of pumpkins (and other strange looking things that grew on vines) home.  Our front porch looks like...I don't know, pumpkinland!  We'll definitely have to move a few so the trick-or-treaters can make it up the steps on Halloween. 
Here are a few pictures from our picking adventure.

Like I said, it was a frigid day, so the little guy stayed warm and toasty in the jeep with the heater running.

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