Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Poof

About a month ago I found this hair poofing video on Kelly's blog . I thought it was really cute and very informational :)  I emailed it to my mom and sisters and told them that they should watch it. By Christmas I had mastered the art of hair poofing as suggested in the video and put my new found talent on display at our family Christmas gathering.  The girls were impressed and I got many compliments.  My poof wasn't nearly as high as Jill's in the video, but I was proud enough of it and my mom and sister's wanted to know how I did it.  So we planned a night to get together and watch the video.  We started the night with dinner at On the Border and had some yummy margaritas.

We then headed to Walgreens to purchase the hairspray that Jill suggests in the video.  We were also in search of some liquid eyeliner that a student of my mom's said was awesome.

Kelsey already has a nice looking poof going on here.

Kelsey found these fabulous hair extensions that matched my hair color perfectly. Only $16!! Couldn't find it in me to actually purchase them though.  Wouldn't I be a great poser for a hair magazine! Ha!

After Walgreens we headed to Target b/c we couldn't find the hairspray we wanted.  When all the supplies was bought we headed straight to Kelsey's house and got to work. 
(That's mom in the background scrubbing the carpet where Em accidentally spilled her bloody mary.)

Evidently hair poofing is painful.

That's some BIG hair!

And...the finished product.  We only practiced on Emmy that night. Not too bad.

Then the make-up queen Kels took Em to her teeny tiny bathroom and showed her how to properly apply eyeliner.  They're gonna love these shots.

These too.  Your welcome Kels! LOL. :) Sexy girl.

We had a good time that night.  Any excuse to get together will work for us!  Here's the link to Jennifer's blog, Jill's sister, who initially posted the video.  They are too cute with their southern accents.

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Kylie said...

this cracks me up! Sounds like a great reason for margaritas and (spilt) bloody marries! Poof away, girl!