Friday, January 8, 2010


Around mid December Cruz started going to bed really late, like MIDNIGHT.  It's also around that time that he got a cold.  Not a bad cold, just a little runny nose.  That stuck around about a week, then turned into a goopey eye cold...not fun.  Thought the sickness was gone, but the poor little guy was still super fussy.  This past weekend I kind of noticed he was swatting at his ears repeatedly.  Didn't think too much of it until earlier this week he woke up every hour during the night and I caught him grabbing his ears alot.  Well, this mama took him straight in to see the doc, and yep - he doesn't have an ear infection in just one ear, he has one in both ears.  He's been on antibiotics for a couple days now.  Yesterday we couldn't set him down at all without him crying his eyes out.  And last night was pretty sad watching him grab his ear and the back of his head.  But today we've managed to get him to smile a few times....I hate it when my babies are sick :(  Thankfully I am able to be with them when they need me most and don't have to worry about calling in sick.

As for his brother, I still can't talk this kid into getting dressed despite the 10 degree weather outside.

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Kylie said...

Poor baby! Both ears? No fair. Lots of snuggling.
(PS. I love, love, love that shot of Cruz.)