Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A Little Photo Shoot

Last week I started a photography class taught by Karen Russell.  Since then I can easily say I have already taken a million photos...like I didn't take enough pictures in the first place!   Yesterday I was making my bed and had Cruzie propped on a pillow so I thought I'd try to get a few pics of him...as you can see, Bo didn't want to be left out.  Some of these photos may look exactly the same, and some may look a little...off, but I've been playing around with the settings on my camera a bunch.  I'm sure I'll look back at the end of my class and say...that picture is terrible! And you may think they look terrible today!  But the fun thing is I didn't edit most of these photos, there's only a few that were too bright that I adjusted the contrast...which is huge for me, because I tend to edit all my pictures.  As you can see, this photo shoot got a little silly at times :)

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Kylie said...

sarah, these look great!