Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas 2009

Despite the colds and coughs we came home with, our holiday was wonderful. Christmas Eve we went to 4 o'clock mass and then slowly headed to Grandma's house in the blizzard.  Kelly slammed on the brakes several times on our drive from church because of the white-out conditions, I had to remind him that that probably wasn't the smartest thing to can all guess what kind of lovely reply I got for my backseat driving...oh, did I mention our sweet 4 month old was screaming his brains out too?  Hmm...great family memories:) 

We finally made it safe and sound.  We ate lots of great food then opened presents.  Kelly and I both held our breath as Bo opened his first gift and started yelling that this was not what he wanted.  Thank goodness that gift happened to be from us.

Our attmept for a family photo...minus Bo, he was still crabby about his crappy Transformer...:(

Here are some more pictures of the nieces and nephews opening gifts and of my dirty brothers at the kitchen table, where a wicked game of Things was played.  Probably not the best game for a bunch of drunk twenty somethings to be playing at Grandma's house on Christmas Eve.

Me and the sistas.

The next morning proved to be a different story for this little booger because Santa hit the nail right on the head and brought Mr. Bo a haybale maker.  The boy was all smiles the rest of the day.

He was in such a good mood, he was even posing for pictures with his mama.  AND smiling :)
Daddy got what he wanted too.  Mama had to work hard to track down these lovely 1/2 price binoculars at Gander Mountain.  As you can see, he was all smiles too on Christmas morning:)

After opening Santa gifts we headed out to my parents house for more food and gift opening.  The kids had a grand time playing Hungry Hungry Hippo, the guys had a good laugh during the gift exchange, and we ladies enjoyed playing with my new remote for my camera...snapping photos of ourselves:)

Then we headed west to Kelly's hometown.  Great times were had by all...minus the trip to the ER in which Kel received seven stitches in his left thumb.

 After sleeping over then celebrating at Kelly's aunt's house we headed home for one more celebration at my other grandparent's house.  Again, more fun had by all!

Holy smokes!  Who knew one post could hold 12,000 photos!!  Time to go get some work done now !

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Kylie said...

Holy cow, that WAS a lot of photos! Thanks for sharing - love the boys in their matching shirts ;) And I might need to hear more about this "things" game...