Monday, December 21, 2009

Sleepovers and Gingerbread Houses

Is anyone else feeling that it's suddenly holiday crunch time?  We don't have anywhere to go until Christmas Eve, but I'm already thinking...I need to make this to take here, and pack that to have ready for there...I'm going to try to have everything baked, packed and ready so that we can actually enjoy the holiday instead of having a stressed out crabby mommy, but as I say that I think crap, I haven't wrapped a thing yet!  Hmm...we'll live, I just need to stay focused and check things off my list one day at a time :)  Getting a little sleep wouldn't hurt either.

The boys have had some exciting times this past week.  Bo had his cousins spend the night for the first time, helped me bake sugar cookies, and built gingerbread houses with a friend.  Here are the pictures to prove it :)

Alot of the frosting ended up in Bo's mouth. What a surprise!

Cruz and his cousin Josie

Movie time! They watched Jumanji, and as you can see, Bo was frightened. He had nightmares all night.

Jaden read the book NO David! to the boys.

And then daddy read it.  It's our favorite b/c it only has about 2 words per page :)

This boy is going to be a professional baker by the time he's ten, he helps his mom so much in the kitchen!

Cruz even got in on the action.  Notice Bo being ornery.  He kept trying to make Mickey's footprints in the dough.  This is why we didn't hand any cookies out to friends or neighbors.  Who knows where Mickey's feet have been!?!


Michelle said...

Great pictures Sarah! Hope you and your guys have a great Christmas!!

Kylie said...

We love low-word-count books too! Hope you guys have a great holiday - Merry Christmas!