Friday, June 19, 2009


My husband is now calling himself a farmer. Who would've ever thought?!? Last year we came upon some farm ground that we thought would be a good investment for our future. It's been a factor in deciding whether or not we could afford for me to be a SAHM. We are relying on these crops to produce so we can continue to live comfortably. Like I said, who would've ever thought? The farm is located about 35 minutes west of here, Kelly swears its only 25 minutes, either way, its quite a drive. He would love to go out there a couple of times a week, while I'm perfectly fine going out maybe once a month. I love the outdoors, but I usually come home with several chigger bites in some VERY uncomfortable places.

Bo is ecstatic when we tell him we're going to the farm. We usually see a couple of deer running through the fields that he loves to shoot with his finger.

There is a small portion of the land that is good for hunting and could use a good cleaning up. Therefore, Kelly thought we needed to purchase a tractor!! I don't think I'vc seen him quite so excited about something in...well, ever. Bo is equally excited about the tractor that has a "bucket". We haven't hauled it out to the farm yet, but Kelly and Bo go out to my parents house every chance they can to take rides and push brush around out there.

Our nieces and nephews are very excited about the tractor you can see ;)


Michelle said...

Well that is exciting!!! Do you know my mom grew up on a farm that we still have and will inherit, so I call myself a farmer too. Ha!! Hopefully your crops flourish!! :)

Kylie said...

What a great shot of Kelly and Bo walking the fields! You are really rockin' that fab camera of yours!