Monday, July 6, 2009

Let the Countdown Begin

I'm so glad July is here! I'd be even happier if I could say August is here...but I'll settle for July for now. These past few weeks have sped by. Our month of July is full of activities so hopefully it will follow suit with June. Sleepless nights have made me start counting the days until this babe's due date. I remember having problems sleeping when I was preggers with Bo, but that was more like I'd wake at 4 am and not be able to get back to sleep. This time around I'm waking at 1 or 2 am. My rule is to lie there for about an hour and try to get back to sleep, but I usually feel even more awake by the end of that hour. Then I'll get up and watch my DVR'd shows such as Tori and Dean, or Denise Richards: Its Complicated. I usually eat a bowl of cereal at this time too...hence the advice my sis gave me to get back to sleep easier. After about 2-3 hours of tossing and turning, watching tv, and eating cereal, I'll head back to bed around 5 or 6 am and sleep until Bo wakes up - which has been no earlier than 9:30 lately - thank goodness. I'm SO glad I'm not working right now! I'm always a sluggish crab all day after one of these sleepless nights and HAVE to have a nap in the afternoon. So, I'm counting the days to a different type of sleepless night, 6 weeks and 2 days to be exact. I may continue to have sleepless nights at that point, but at least I'll have a babe in my arms to share the time with.

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Kylie said...

Poor Sarah! I'm counting the days down for ya too! Hope it gets better soon.