Saturday, July 11, 2009

County Fair

The word of the evening being whispered under Bo's breath was "Wow..."

He was impressed with the bullriders skills of being knocked off the bull and then running for their lives.

I was impressed when he jumped right into the petting zoo and started tenderly picking up baby animals left and right. His tongue out shows just how engrossed he was when his daddy set each new animal in his hands.

His tongue out in this photo shows just how unimpressed he was with our decision not to let him climb through the fence to pet these much bigger animals.

But he cheered right back up when we offered to let him ride this minituare pony.

And I'd have to say that by the time we made it to the rides,

the kid was in Heaven.


Michelle said...

What a fun time for him...cute pics! :)

Kylie said...

Lilah is sitting in my lap and really enjoyed your photos! I think she's a little jealous - looked like a good time!