Sunday, June 13, 2010

Dallas (Part 2)

At the beginning of day two we were determined to get a little more shopping in before heading back to the pool to bask in the sun.  We had a bit of a late start, but made it to a little town, I forget the name, and browsed through a few boutiques.  Here's Em and Kels all ready to go for the day.

The boutiques were quite cute, but very pricey.
We stopped by a candy store, in which we bought treats to take home to the kiddos.  And posed for more photos.  Again, we are DORKS.

We finished up at the boutiques and headed to a mall to get some essentials that we couldn't leave Texas without....some cheap jewelry ;)  We then swung by the good 'ol liquor store and headed back to the pool.
It was packed. I'm allowed to post pics of this chica in her swimsuit...she still has a sexy prebaby body;)
We had to get in the water.  It was smokin hot out there!

Em was hangin all over mom all day.  Mom just loved it.

My aunt's apartment complex was sweet.  Emmy found this cozy hammock and took a little nap, until Kels and I decided to join her.

Once we were worn out from sunbathing, we went back to get showered for a night on the town.  Kelsey was nice enough to do everyone's hair, while I tried my hand at Emmy's make-up.  I must say, I did a fabulous job for having 3 or 4 margaritas in me!
Umm...yeah, the flash makes my make-up job look super white!

The older gals (just kidding mother) had a good time observing our beauty rituals while getting ready. 

Some hot chicas trying to decide what to wear.

After finally settling on some cute outfits, we jumped in the car.  Did I mention we had no clue where we were going?  We stopped for gas on our way and got some more leg shots of Emmy.

We went this way and that way, and ended up at an awesome place called Jake's.  They had a patio with misters to keep us cool, it was perfect.

I was starved so I ordered a Mushroom Swiss Burger.  It was FABULOUS...if you can't tell :)

Ohh...I was in love with that burger.  Before long we decided we needed to find a dancin bar. We all had to use the ladies room before heading off on the next step of our adventure.  We had another photo shoot in the bathroom.

And I have to include this little series of images.  Note to the sistas - watch your back when out drinking in sun dresses, never know when  a cheek could be exposed.
Can you tell who struck who first ;)

Once we all made it to the car fully clothed, we followed the directions that our waitress at Jake's gave us to a bar that was on the roof of a restaraunt.  I think it was called Studio 32.  It was just what we were looking for, but a little freaky because our table was literally pushed up along the edge of the roof with only a safety bar as high as my chest.  Freaky when you're with someone as touchy feely as my big sis anyway.  Everyone ordered a...what was it called, it was grapefruit juice and vodka (they loved it) while I decided to be smart and have a tall glass of ice water. 
More photos while on the rooftop.

And again, we hit the bathroom on our way out.  This place had this awesome old fashion piece of art, in which Em and I had to try to imitate with serious faces.

So we survived the night and hit the road early enough the next morning.  At Kelsey's request, we ate breakfast at the Waffle House.  It was a pretty long ride home, with a few minor detours, but we made it and were glad to be home to our families and babies!

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Jenny said...

What a fun girls crack me up!!! So glad you all had a great time :)