Friday, June 11, 2010

Dallas (Part 1)

My trip to Dallas last weekend with the sistas and our mama was a blast, to say the least. We took several hundred photos to document our time away from home.  So here we go...I tried to include all of the most memorable parts ;)
Just for the record, I was a nice sister and let big sis sit shot gun the whole trip there...well, until I locked her out during a pee break with about 45 minutes til arrival.

We took a little extra time on the way there to stop at this little gem we saw on the side of the road.

My mom and aunt had driven through earlier and tried their hand at this casino.  They both came out winners, so we couldn't pass up the chance to win it big so we could spend big over the weekend.  I wish I could say we won some money.  We all came out a little poorer than when we went in.  But they served great Bloody Mary's and we had a great time :)

It took us the longest time to figure out how to make change with this darn machine.  Guess you could say we're inexperienced gamblers.

Here's the sistas purchasing our dinner for the night. Some tasty drinks;)

After about an hour and a half of losing money we decided to get on the road again.  We made it to our destination safely around midnight and hit the sack asap.
We were up early the next morning, excited to do some shopping.  These were taken outside of my aunt's apartment door as we were waiting to get in the car.

My aunt wanted to take us to Canton Trade Days, or as she called it, a swap meet.  It was about an hour away, so we snapped a few photos in the car on the way.  Oh...we were so excited and energized at this point!

We stopped at an outlet mall on the way to the swap meet and made some fabulous purchases.  Someone thought we needed a picture with Mighty Mouse for the kiddos.  Gosh, we are DORKS.

After our big purchases at the outlet mall, we were famished.  We stopped at Subway and I have to add at least one of these very funny pics that Emmy took of us eating.  She wouldn't put the damn camera down while we were eating...we thought it was pretty funny at the time.

Once we made it to the swap meet, we were happy to see a nice cowboy waiting with a tractor pulling a trailer to give us a ride up to the sales.  Did I mention it was  in the afternoon and about 150 degrees outside ;)

There was quite a variety of items showcased at this place.  I think we each found a little something to take home with us.

Oh Kels, I know you love me!

See, you perked right up when I showed you this cute little hair dryer.  Too bad we couldn't fit it in the car to take back to the salon! ;)

So after a few hot hours of browsing, we went back to wait for tractor guy to give us a ride back to our car. 
Unfortunately, it must have been his quittin time, because he never showed. We made the trek to the car on our hot, tired legs. But we made it!
We made it straight to a lovely little Mexican restraunt called Carolinas and had the waiter get our first group shot together.
We scooted on home, changed into our comfy clothes and headed out to the pool. We were pooped.

But not too pooped to hop in the hot tub :)
I'll spare myself and keep the majority of the hot tub photos to myself, but I'll end part one post with this one.

And this is only the ending to day one.  Day two was a doozey!

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