Sunday, January 2, 2011

Christmas 2010

This year we decided to let the boys open one gift each on the 22nd.  We were heading to Great Bend the next day and knew there would be tons of gifts and chaos to come.  They get so many toys, I wanted to somewhat try to spread it out a bit.  It was so much fun watching their excitement.
 On the eve of Christmas Eve, we drove to Kelly's parents house.  The boys had a good time wrestling with their grandpa and playing the Wii.

Bo begged and begged to open one of gifts from under the tree.  Finally grandma & grandpa gave in and let him open one.

The next day Kelly's brother and sister arrived.  We opened gifts in the afternoon, then ate dinner & had a gift exchange with the extended family in the evening.

We drove home late Christmas Eve and were able to open gifts from Santa at our house on Christmas morning.

We then headed over to my parents for lunch and more gift opening.

When we got home that evening, it looked like a tornado had come through.  With the suitcases to unpack, toys, gifts, wrapping thrown throughout the house, we were beyond tired.  The boys really wanted their daddy to put one toy together before bed.  Sheesh, it took almost 2 hours!  Toys these days just aren't the same as they used to be!

That was our Christmas this year! Eventful, memorable, and so fun to see the boys get excited!  They are spoiled!

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