Tuesday, November 30, 2010


This year we stayed around here and had Thanksgiving lunch at my grandparent's house.  It was relaxing not having to drive all over Kansas in one day trying to see all our loved ones.  It was also a plus not traveling because I needed some relaxation and an early bedtime so I could wake at 2:45am for some Black Friday deals!
Anyways, the food was awesome, the kids were wild, and we spent most of the afternoon scanning the ads for good deals, oh yes, and drinking wine.  Here's the day in pictures.
We spent the first half of the afternoon in the basement where the kids have plenty of toys to play with.

 There is a pool table down there too.  The kids love to throw the balls across the table.

 Once it was time to eat, Cruz enjoyed doing everything, but eating.  Here, he stole my aunt's wine glass.
 Bo exhausted himself playing with all of my little cousins.  Oh yes, and the basement comes complete with red shag carpet.  I actually fell down those red stairs and broke my collarbone when I was a couple of years old. 

Kelsey, trying to decide where to go first Friday morning.

Who KNOWS what Ben was whispering to Elizabeth! I'm sure it's better that they kept it between them.
This kid wanted to eat his apple pie on top of the table.
 Mom couldn't find dad for the longest time, then she checked the spare bedroom and he was sacked out, snoozing away.

Someone kept feeding these two cookies.  That was pretty much Cruz's Thanksgiving dinner!

These two laughed as Cruz woke my sleeping uncle on the couch, then he was off to chew on some old dolls in the toy box.
Then we headed out into the frigid weather to attempt a few family pics. I got several good ones of mom and dad.

Ours turned out okay too, you'll most likely be seeing them on our Christmas card ;)  But here's a peek at second best....;)

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