Thursday, July 22, 2010

Gaga's Pool

We've enjoyed going out to my parent's pool a few times this summer.  Bo really loves it.  Cruz loves it too, but I don't so much love trying to hold on to his slippery body as he constantly tries to squirm away from me.  So what we usually do is head out to the pool right around Cruzie's nap time, then lay him down in the house while we swim. 
This year Bo stand in the pool with his head above water, but he feels more comfortable swimming with his life jacket.  His mama likes this fact.
There's been a few Sundays when the whole family will go out and enjoy the pool.
We even did a little swimming with a watermelon, in an attempt to keep it cool ;)

And nothing like getting warmed up for another swim with a good jump on the 'ol trampline.

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