Saturday, July 3, 2010

10 Months Old

We have one big 10 month old on our hands....weighing in at almost 23 pounds! Actually, he's 10 1/2 months old at this point.  Since Cruz started walking a couple of weeks ago, he just walks back and forth through the house.  He'll pick up random things and carry them from room to room.  It is adorable.  He loves saying silky, doggie, kitty, bath, and da da.  And everytime I ask him if he wants out of his high chair he nods yes.  Or if I ask him if he wants to go outside he'll nod yes.  He is SUCH a stinker!  When he wants something he can't have he'll scream in a very high pitched voice.  Cruzie loves to eat and is now drinking bottles with equal amounts of whole milk and formula mixed.  He can down a jar of baby food along with whatever we're having at dinner time.  His schedule is still pretty much all over the place since our vacation, but he has slept all night for the past three nights :)
He loves to dance and sing every time he hears music.  If he's trying to get away from me while I'm changing his diaper, I start singing the alphabet and he stops squirming and tries to sing along with me.  And just last night, he was playing with my cell phone and held it up to his ear and started babbling.   Kelly and I looked at eachother, and were like, is he really doing what we think he is doing?  He's smarter than we think! :)
Here's a few pics of the little cutie.
We're excited about these new little curls that suddenly came about in this summer heat.
And here's a few of big brother Bo...who'll be turning 4 in a few short months!

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Jenny said...

Cruz is such a cutie!!!!!