Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Playing in the Wheat

Every evening we've been heading out to the construction sight to check on any progress made on the new house.   We're building in the middle of a wheat field so the wheat just gets taller and taller by the day.  The kids just love running through it.
It's pretty much over Cruz's head now.

The boys were following their dad around looking for a flag that marked where the water well will go.
 There hasn't been too much progress on the house since last week.  They poured the walls of the basement and should be taking the forms off today.  Then we'll have at least a 10 day wait before they backfill and get started on the framing.  That's when it'll get really exciting for me!

Emmy and a few of the kids came out.  They had a ball throwing dirt and running, running, running.

I found this little stinker hiding behind a dirt pile.  Eating dirt of course!

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Kylie said...

that wheat field makes for some beautiful photography! Love those shots.