Wednesday, October 6, 2010


So, the other day Bo wanted to call his cousin Landon to see if he could come over and ride bikes.  Bo had been in the house all morning playing on the computer, so I told him if Landon came over they had to play outside and ride bikes or something.  Trying to be sneaky, Bo calls and immediately says something about playing games (on the computer).  As I can hear only Bo's side of the conversation, I hear him say something about Candyland.  
They get off the phone and Bo runs out side to watch for Landon walking down the road.  Several minutes pass and I finally decide to go out and check it out.  This is what I found on our very dirty garage floor.

As you can see, Cruz was as shocked as me. 
They had pretty much played a whole game by the time I came out.  Well, their version of the game anyway.
Cruz decided to take a seat and learn a few Candyland tricks.

Bo won the first (and only) round.  He was pretty stoked.  If only they would entertain themselves like this more often.  You know, in a non-violent, calm, no running, jumping or hitting kind of way.

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