Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A Night at the Farm

This weekend my brother and cousin graduated from high school.  In celebration, we had a party at my aunt's farm.  Thursday evening we headed over to clean up the shed and help decorate.  The kiddos had a ball running wild.  My siblings and I did the same when we were their age, except then there were pigs, cows, horses, chickens and probably other animals that I'm not thinking of. 
They had an exciting time exploring all the buildings.

There were still a few chickens out in the coop.  My dad was taking a peek at them with the kids here.

My brother Kyle helped keep track of the little crazies.

They found an old trailer to have races on...not the safest if you ask me.  The boys got hurt several times.

And I thought this was pretty darn funny.  There was a hotwire fence keeping the cows in.  We explained to the kids that it was dangerous and how to get under it safely.  Little Sammie bent down to go under the fence and walked crouched over for about 20 feet before his older sister had to grab his head and tell him it was okay to stand up again.  Funny kid.

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