Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Gaga Turns 50

My mom turned the big 5-0 last week.  If you've met her in person, you would agree that she has the looks of a 39 year old, and the vigor and liveliness of a 25 year old.  All of this after birthing 6 children, ranging in age from 30 to 13.  Emmy is 30, I'm 28, Kelsey is 25, Kyle is 21, Ben is 18, and Pete is 13.  The three younger boys still live at home.  Which should say alot.  She has one more kid at home than I do at the moment.  I know there's a big age difference between my boys and the three at her house, but sheesh, this chick has been raising kids for quite awhile now.  For the last 30 years she has been putting her six babies before herself.  We love you for every moment of it mom.
In celebration of her birthday we went to dinner then out to a cowboy bar for some drinks and some dancin.
Carlos O' Kelly's didn't disappoint with their margaritas and their famous sombrero.
We all had to try on the lovely sombrero. Well, the ladies anyway.
Here we all are with our significant others.
After filling our bellies, it was off to Denim and Diamonds!  A few of mom's friends were turning 50 that weekend also, so they joined us.  Here are the three birthday boys and girls (before they got all wild).
This is my mom with her parents.
Mom with dad.
The birthday girls.
Mom and one of her best friends, Kate.
The ladies hit the dance floor to Kid Rock's version of Sweet Home Alabama.  My camera was not cooperating, so these pictures do not do their moves justice.  They had rhythm :)
We ended the night with some more photos. I put my camera away before things got too crazy.
Here's Kelsey, Emmy, Mom, and me.
Oh, our mama loves us :)
Until next year...:)

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Kylie said...

Love what you wrote about your mom! What a woman!