Monday, February 22, 2010

6 Months Old

My fat baby is 6 months old already.  Sad, yet exciting.  I keep thinking one of these days he's going to sleep all night, right?  Not so, as of yet.  He's sitting up on his own and rocking back and forth on his knees, ready to crawl.  Surely once he gets his chubby hiney moving he'll be more worn out and eventually sleep through the night.  We're keeping our fingers crossed! 
We left him and his older brother with their grandparents for the 1st time since Cruz has been born so we could go to the George Strait and Reba McEntire concert the other night.  Poor grandma and grandpa.  I think they understand now when we say we have trouble getting Cruzie to bed at night.  They were tuckered out when we got say the least.  But it was so refreshing to go out and have some fun!  And actually we have the opportunity to get out again this weekend without the kiddos.  We're leaving them with my parents so we can go to the KSU game!  Exciting!  This is all leading up to a 2 week work trip that Kelly has to go on.  Being a single parent definitely is not my favorite thing to do.  But hey, I'll live.  I might be a little crazy, short fused, and tired by the end of it, but what's new?!?
This boy just weighed in at 19 pounds...
He and his brother are already best buds.  Cruz can put up a pretty good fight when Bo tries to wrestle with him.  His main weapon is his newly found pterodactyl scream.


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Kylie said...

Too bad you're not getting paid to be your family's photographer - cause you'd be making a good living! Great shots, girl! LOVE that one of them together. I'd kill for my kids to pose like that :)