Monday, May 11, 2009

An Eventful Week

This has been quite an eventful week. The camper is clean, stocked, and ready to be used. Finally. Thank goodness!
Earlier this week we attended my cousin Braden's First Communion. It was good to get together with family, and Bo had a great time playing with all the kids. The first pic is of Kelly and Bo with my grandpa, which would be Bo's great-grandpa. The second one is of me and my sis...had to get a pic of the two preggos all dressed up! ha! And the three cuties are my niece and my two cousins - they look like they could be advertising orange Crush pop ;)
Friday we went to watch my brother Ben pole vault and high jump at his track meet. Bo was quite enthused. It kind of worries me, he'll probably start trying to vault himself over various things around the house. Wait, he does that already! Here's a pic of Bo with Ben, and one of Ben clearing the bar.
Saturday, we met Kelly's parents in Baldwin City for his graduation. He recently finished classes for his MBA. So glad that period of our lives is behind us, he was gone every Wednesday night for two years. I think it'll be well worth it in the long run though. While waiting for the graduation ceremony we found a nice park that was perfect for some picture taking.
On Sunday, for Mother's Day, I was greeted in bed with a plate full of donuts from Bo. He then crawled into bed with me and helped me eat them. When we finished the donuts I shooed him off into the living room to watch Mickey Mouse with his dad and I proceeded to watch 3 episodes of Grey's Anatomy that I'd fallen behind on. It was a great start to the day! Later, I did some leisurely shopping with my mom. After 4 hours of shopping, we decided next time we'd better just go ahead and plan on telling the husbands we'd be gone ALL day, instead of just a few hours. When you don't shop a lot, you need A LOT of time to look at all the stuff you've been missing the past couple of months :)


Molly said...

So I didn't even realize you had a blog until you commented on mine! Yay! -- glad you decided to start one, I am enjoying it! :)

Michelle said...

Sarah!! Love the blog! You and Emmy look too cute! :) I will be down there Memorial Day weekend if you will be around!

Kylie said...

Can't wait to hang out in that camper!! I looks great! Congrats to Kelly (and you) on the graduation!